About Paintarthub - Paint by Numbers & Diamond Painting

The Creator's Dream: paintarthub, Making Everyone an Artist!

Looking back at Paintarthub's origins, it feels like revisiting the time when a group of passionate art enthusiasts pursued their dreams. Founded in the UK in 2015 by Roy and five art student friends, our mission has always been to bring fine art into everyone's life.

Paintarthub transcends being merely a brand; it embodies a lifestyle. With love and dedication, we craft high-quality, creative original artworks. Our joy stems from witnessing our creations seamlessly integrate into people's lives.

As a united team of artists and friends, we firmly believe that art knows no boundaries. Our diverse artworks draw inspiration from various cultures and countries, resulting in a unique fusion of styles.

Join our extended family and contribute to our vision. Whether choosing from existing series or inspiring us with your preferences, Paintarthub is committed to creating widely loved original artworks, enriching your life with an artistic touch.

Unleash the artist within you with our captivating Paint by Numbers. Personalize your artistic journey by exploring our custom paint by number kits—simply upload a photo! Capture and immortalize beautiful moments with our personalized paint by number kits, each creation a unique reflection of your personal style, bringing the joy of art into your hands.

Thank you for being part of our journey; we eagerly anticipate creating more beautiful moments together.