The Diamonds Shape - Square vs. Round

Square Diamonds vs. Round Diamonds

Our "Diamond Painting" kits offer two distinct options: Square and Magic Square diamonds.

Square Diamonds:

Square diamonds are the classic choice for Diamond Painting enthusiasts. These gems are known for their precise, square shape and 9 facets that catch the light beautifully. With clean lines and a symmetrical appearance, square diamonds create a mosaic-like effect on your canvas. They're the perfect choice for those who appreciate the traditional and elegant look of Diamond Painting.

Round Diamonds:

Round Diamonds (Magic Square diamonds) take Diamond Painting to a whole new level. They are an enhanced version of the resin diamond, featuring 26 facets that provide a brilliant sparkle and an even stronger sense of dimension. What sets Round Diamonds apart is their smaller size, which means minimal gaps between each diamond. This results in a lightweight yet secure finish that makes your artwork look incredibly lifelike.

Whether you prefer the classic elegance of square diamonds or the added sparkle and depth of Round Diamonds, our Diamond Painting kits are designed to let your creativity shine. Explore our wide range of designs and choose the diamonds that suit your artistic vision!